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Komatha Fresh is committed to serve its customer with the best quality Fruits & Vegetables. We have served our customers in EU with Global standard Fruits & Vegetables for the last 10 years which are imported from across the world. We work closely with Farmers & EU standard pack housed to deliver the best product. 

To bring our customer the best, we work closely with Farmers who are exclusively engaged in production of EU standard Fruits & Vegetables with requisite MRL level & pre-requisite certification like Global GAP, SMETA etc. These products are packed in an International Standard Pack Houses.


Our expertise extends to import & export of fruits labelled as exotic or “superfood” to the global markets. Our success is largely built on our deep understanding and diligent compliance of quality processes, standards and norms both at local and international levels.


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Komatha Fresh is proud to offer high quality bananas from Ecuador. In these 4 varieties:

• Cavendish

• Oritos
• Single bananas

• Plantains

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